Ceramic Deck Cinza Douro
A product that combines durability, color permanence and the ceramic strength, combined with the unique look of the deck.
Innovative solution for exterior and interior pedestrian pavements, such as gardens, pools, terraces, etc.
The ceramic deck is a sustainable product made entirely from local natural resources, using the best available energy optimization, with a tiny environmental impact.
The installation is quite simple, using brackets to fit the ceramic rectified parts, not being necessary clamping profiles. The replacement or cleaning of the floor below the floor deck is facilitated parts can be lifted individually without the use of tools.
It is a material that requires no maintenance and has a nice and non-slip texture even when wet.

Advantages of the Ceramic Deck

High durability, maintenance free, does not warp or deforms.
Color permanence, immune to atmospheric agents, including UV radiation.
This is not a painted or coated product, so it does not wear out by use.
High degree of hardness and is very resistant to scratches.
Low dimensional change due to humidity and/or temperature.
Immune to attack by fungus, insects, termites or other biological agents.
Being an inert material it does not rot with moisture.

High safety and comfort, with no knots or splinters.
Great slip resistance even with wet ground.
Uses local raw and abundant material, contains no products harmful to health and environment.
Unlike the composite materials do not use plastics or fibers derived from petroleum.
Do not use exotic woods, avoiding deforestation of rainforests.
Ease of cleaning of the floor beneath the deck ceramic.
Low cost and high performance.