Paver Cerâmico Vermelho Vulcânico
Pavement bricks have been used since ancient times to pave roads and over time they have played an important role in the urban environment throughout the world.
Nowadays, pavement bricks offer the best alternative to less durable and less resistant pavements.

Dimension (mm)
200 x 100 x 50
200 x 100 x 70
Specifications (PT)
Statement of Performance (PT)
The dimensions and values present in the data sheets should be checked and updated with the commercial department of Cerâmica Vale da Gândara before formalizing your order

Advantages of Clay Paver

Durability and Colour Permanence
Durability is what distinguished brick pavements from other materials.
Our product range offers great performance that combines perfection with a great variety of colours and shapes.

Aesthetic Possibilities
The different shapes and colours generate an infinite amount of combinations and geometrical shapes that transform the pavement into an attractive and unique surface totally integrated into the urban landscape.
The pavement brick offers a wide range of expressive possibilities that are available to the architect to totally develop his creativity and integrate the pavement into the surrounding environment.
Any space can be transformed and filled up with geometric designs and natural colours, making it more comfortable, healthy and harmonious.
The versatility of pavement bricks allows itself to adapt to spaces as diverse as pedestrian areas, traffic roads and even accesses to swimming pools and garages, patios and car parks.

Physical Qualities
The mechanical strength of pavement bricks can only be compared to natural stone, allowing it to resist significant blows that would cause damage to other types of pavements.
Its high resistance to wear gives better results compared to other pavements of greater thickness, resulting in a lighter weight of the bricks and offering higher profitability and performance.
In contrast to what happens to other materials, the spilling of liquids and other external agents does not change its structure or damage its composition. Surfaces paved with pavement bricks do not get deformed with high temperatures or frost, so therefore they can be used in places with a high temperature range and environments with high humidity levels.

Easy Maintenance
This pavement requires minimum levels of maintenance making it very easy to keep, limited to removing possible weeds that may appear in the joints.

Easy Repair
The bricks can be removed without harm and they may be later re-laid. This characteristic is of great use in footpaths, traffic roads and squares when work in the sub-grade is required.
In the occurrence of a damaged brick, it can be quickly replaced without interfering in the rest of the pavement. In this case there is no aesthetical inconvenience because it will never seem like a patch.

Easy Laying
The ease of laying is evident as no specialised workers are required to work with this type of material.
Daytime temperatures do not affect the laying of the bricks, therefore avoiding any lost time on the construction site.
Unlike other pavements, brick pavement is ready to use by pedestrians and traffic as soon as it is laid.

With a lifespan higher than other pavements, brick pavement holds its natural colour and manages to increase its beauty over time. The passing of the years favours this material whose nature ensures that its colours remain unaltered.

Pavement bricks are a profitable and enduring investment.
Its durability, easy laying, repairing and reuse qualities, differentiates the pavement brick from the competition and makes it into a material with superior value for money.

During and after the pavement brick manufacturing process, it is submitted to strict quality control tests that guarantees a high performance product. It is guaranteed that all products that leave the factory comply with all the internationally required regulations.

Environmental impact
Its natural characteristics along with the careful manufacturing process make the pavement brick environmentally friendly.
Casa com Três Pátios | Arquitectura: Miguel Marcelino - | Fotografia: FG+SG | Fernando Guerra
Casa com Três Pátios | Arquitectura: Miguel Marcelino - | Fotografia: FG+SG | Fernando Guerra
BioHome, Guimarães
BioHome, Guimarães
Paver Cerâmico Vermelho Vulcânico
Paver Cerâmico Vermelho Vulcânico
Paver Cerâmico Vermelho Vulcânico