Tira Romana Vermelho Vulcânico

The Roman Strip with average dimensions of 28x5x5cm is a ceramic brick for external use.
It is a top of the range product with high load resistance values (high mechanical strength), durability and resistance to sliding and abrasion.
Its low maintenance and non-degradation of its colour over time makes it a choice product for infinite applications.
The Roman Strip's particular dimensions and flexibility allows it to recreate the unique beauty of noble spaces.

The Roman strip was developed to give a retro atmosphere. It was created for use in the recovery of external public spaces and old housing.

Dimension (mm)
280 x 50 x 50
Specifications (PT)
Statement of Performance (PT)
The dimensions and values present in the data sheets should be checked and updated with the commercial department of Cerâmica Vale da Gândara before formalizing your order
Tira Romana Vermelho Vulcânico
Tira Romana Vermelho Vulcânico
Tira Romana Vermelho Vulcânico