A Brief History of the Company

Cerâmica do Vale da Gândara was created in 1957.
Located in central Portugal, between the Buçaco and Caramulo mountain ranges, in 1994 it became the first and only national company designated from the beginning to the production of Bricks and Pavement Bricks.

With their own clay deposits, significantly increased over the last few years, CVG offers our clients guaranteed and continued raw material, vital to the quality and stability of final product.

In 2007 CVG was incorporated into Spanish Ceramic Group La Paloma, the market leader in the Iberian Peninsula.
With the recent incorporation and subsequent success of alterations made in the manufacturing process, CVG has positioned itself in the high-end product range producing Klinker. These products are heated to temperatures of 1200ºC to give properties of reduced water absorption, higher resistance, and improved size and colour stability.

CVG's products comply with the most demanding international quality norms, as well as complying to the regulations to achieve the EC mark.
To complement its product range, CVG has created and developed a set of products with the aim of improving construction materials, namely Ventilated Facade System (Fachada Ventilada) and Acoustic Clay Bricks (Acustiargila).