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Advantages of Clay Paver

Durability and color permanence

Durability is what distinguishes clay paver from other materials. An unusual performance that combines perfection with the variety of colors and shapes that make up our range of pavers.

Aesthetic Possibilities

The different shapes and colors generate a multitude of combinations and geometric shapes that turn the floor into an attractive and unique surface, fully integrated into the urban landscape.

Physical qualities

The mechanical strength of clay pavers can only be compared to that of natural stone, allowing it to withstand significant point loads that would damage other floors. Its high wear resistance gives better results than other floors with much higher thickness, resulting in a lower weight of the pieces and a better performance in their placement. The floors made with clay paver do not deform with the action of high temperatures or with ice. Thanks to the ceramic nature of paver, these floors become surfaces that allow comfortable and pleasant walks.

Economic maintenance

This floor requires minimum maintenance levels, especially its easy preservation, which simply eliminates the possible vegetation in the joints and their filling.

Easy repairs

Parts can be lifted undamaged and reused again. In case of damage to any clay paver, the part can be quickly replaced without having to intervene on the entire floor.

Ease of Execution

The ease of execution is evidenced by the use of personnel with minimal knowledge in the use of these materials and allows their immediate use, which makes it possible for pedestrians and vehicles to circulate soon after their application.


With a longer service life than other floors, the clay paver retains its original color and enhances its beauty over time. Over the years it favors this material, whose nature allows its colors to remain unchanged.


Clay paver floors are a profitable and lasting investment. Durability, ease of installation, repair and reuse set the clay paver apart from the competition and make it a cost-effective material.


During and after the manufacturing process of the ceramic paver it is subjected to strict quality controls that ensure a high performance product. This ensures that products leaving the factory meet internationally accepted quality standards.

Environmental impact

The natural characteristics and a careful manufacturing process make paver an environmentally friendly material.