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Advantages of Garden Paver

It is a perforated gesham ceramic block, designed for pedestrian exterior pavements and / or light vehicles with flexible application on a permeable basis (suitable for gardens, parks, parking, garden streets, pedestrian paths, etc.)


It has technical advantages over other competing products, being a product of high mechanical resistance, durability and resistance to slip and aggravation; abrasion.
In functional terms, like & eacute; A perforated product once applied allows drainage of rainwater and / or irrigation. Being low maintenance keeps the color and other features unchanged over time


The garden paver can be used individually or in conjunction with the standard paver, in a wide variety of arrangements, and can also be combined with natural stones. It is especially suitable for landscape arrangements where a close interconnection with nature is desired, and where traditional solutions are not allowed or should be avoided due to the high degree of soil sealing they cause


The perforations in the paver are filled with grass, providing effective water runoff and resulting in a more pleasing aesthetic component


This is a truly environmentally friendly solution that creates a durable and safe floor


For the green space designer, the effective drainage of the exterior pavements for both rainwater and irrigation is a source of concern. The paver Jardim developed by Cerâmica Vale da Gândara, aims to be the appropriate answer to those who want less soil sealing and thus ensure greater respect for the water cycle